Monday, November 20, 2006

Submissions to the National Council of Provinces

The Select Committee on Social Services of the National Council of provinces
(NCOP) will be conducting public hearings on Civil Union Bill [B26B-2006] on
23-24 November 2006 at Parliament.

The bill is also accessible here:

The Committee would like to assess how the legislation would impact on
various communities in the Provinces.

Written comments and contribution to the bill are requested from
stakeholders, civil society and the public.

The closing date is 24 November 2006 at 16:00.

Those who wish to make oral presentations to the Committee should contact
the Secretary.

Enquiries and submission should be addressed to: Mr Arico Kotze (Committee
Secretary), add: Parliament of RSA, PO Box 15, Cape Town 8000, tel: (021)
4083-3662, fax: (021) 403 2808 or email:

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